Dear Old Wendy! Isn’t Wendy a funny name? Here is a blast from the past. A vintage issue of Tatler. Wendy James by David Bailey. This must have been literally just as Transvision Vamp started. When I was about 16 I used to think she was the coolest thing ever. And I used to pick Velveteen on the local jukebox just cos I felt I was getting my money’s worth with an 11 minute song. She bragged a bit didn’t she? I remember thinking how intelligent she was and very otherwordly when she appeared on that programme where the computer asked you questions. And then I cringed like hell when she stated that she would be bigger than Madonna, and win an oscar. She isn’t and she didn’t did she? Oh and don’t forget THE FACE cover with the tits and pearls. Update. Don’t believe the trash you read. Ive recently watched a couple of very old interviews and it seems like that was all bullshit and misinterpretation. She got interviewed by a couple of right twats, and for fuck sake she held her own, and made Jonathan Ross squirm a bit. Phew. X